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FAQ'S - Answering your Common Questions 

You bet there is . There are many valuable organisations such as FACT , FASO and PAFFA . Their roles are different to your lawyers and they are their to support you emotionally through what will be a difficult time . They have a wealth of experience and will be able to answer many of your questions . 

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Is there anyone out there to support me ? 

If you get an idea you may be arrested get in touch with an experienced Solicitor as soon as you can . Should you be arrested without notice ask for the experienced solicitor and if all else fails ask for the Duty Solicitor . There are some very good duty solicitors but the problem is you will be taking pot luck . Never Ever be unrepresented . 

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I am to be arrested what should I do ? 

If you didn't get your choice of Solicitor at the first go then get in touch with one fast . The earlier you change teams the easier it is to do so  . Next start to think about the allegations you now know about and what information you can remember to help your team build the strongest possible team . You can't interfere with the Police Investigation but you can take strategic actions and build a bank of information which will help you . 

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I've been bailed what next ? 
What can I do to help defend myself ? 

False allegations are always built on a real fact which is then skewed with lies . The devil in these cases is always in the detail and you need to help your team break down every fact and detail . By doing so often you will help your defence expose the lies told and contribute to a successful defence . 

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You start by never believing the bad advice which is sometimes given that "all you can do is say you didn't do it " . These cases sadly start from a reverse burden of proof in that you will need to demonstrate innocence . As a result you need to work with your team to build a strong defence and witness list . 

How do I build a defence ? 

The first thing to remember is DON'T PANIC ! 


You are embarking on a long road and with a strong team you can at best bring it to a swift end or give yourself a real fighting chance before the Jury . Your Legal Team needs all your energy and support to help you so now is not the time to wobble . 

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They are charging me - help ! 
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