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About Us

Here you will find some basic information about us and our experience . Please feel free to visit our main site via the Links page if you would like more information . 

QualitySolicitors Jordans are a High Street Operation which has had an interest in miscarriage work and false allegations since 2002 . 


Although Part of the QualitySolicitors Brand with many other firms this is an advertising brand and we are wholly independent from other QS Firms and do not share Client Care information . We do not accept instructions from those who allege they have been physically or sexually abused in order to avoid any conflict of interest . 

Mark Newby of QualitySolicitors Jordans was instrumental in setting up the Historical Abuse Appeal Panel during the last child abuse panic . The Panel brought together experienced Solicitors and Barristers committed to the plight of the falsely accused . 


The Panel no longer exists but the dedicated lawyers who supported its work all remain ready to assist the wrongfully convicted . 

Mark Newby

Mark Newby is a Solicitor Advocate and Partner at QualitySolicitors Jordans . He regularly speaks on False allegation issues and has written on the subject extensively . He was Director of the Historical Abuse Appeal Panel and a current director of the INUK Innocence Network of Universities . He represents the falsely accused across the UK and regualrly pursues miscarriage cases before the Court of Appeal and Criminal Cases Review Commission . 

When we need to reccomend an external advocate we use a variety of experienced counsel but with respect to them have never found a more consistent and dedicated stable of counsel than Garden Court North Chambers Manchester led in terms of Historical Allegations by Mark Barlow who has been involved on many of the major cases and appeals . We equally reccomend Matthew Stanbury , Brigid Bailee , Nina Graham and Andy Fitzpatrick amongst others . Of Course when his services can be obtained the list is never complete without Mark George QC . 

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