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Representation from Experts in the Field of False Allegation Cases 

When you are facing Historical Allegations of Sexual or Physical Abuse you need a team around you that knows what they are doing . The Team at QualitySolicitors Jordans have been involved in defending Historic Cases since 2002 . 


We have also brought many of the major criminal appeals in the field of Historic Cases . 


On this site we have brought together resources on Historic Abuse Cases which we hope will be of use . 


We also offer links to various support groups . 

Former Leaders of Historical Abuse Appeal Panel - Recognised Skills 

Mark Newby from QS Jordans was the Former Director of the Historical Abuse Appeal Panel which was formed in the aftermath of the last moral panic by leading Solicitors and Barrristers in the field . Whilst the Panel no longer exists the Lawyers who were committed to it remain available to offer expert assistance to those falsely accused . 

Unique Investigation Led approach to your defence 

Whoever you instruct to represent you it is essential to make sure that a unique investigation led approach is taken to your defence . If your legal team tell you all you can do is say you didn't do it then you are with the wrong team . 


You should be a key part of your defence team helping to suggest investigations and potential witnesses to ensure that you have a focussed positive defence . 


It is a sad reality that in cases like this we operate on a reverse standard of proof and you will very much need to prove your innocence . 

Getting your Appeal Right 

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having been convicted you must find a legal team with sound expereince of appealing False Allegation Cases . The way in which your appeal is written and the strength of advocate you get to appear before what will often be a hostile tribunal is vital . Similarly if you need to make a CCRC application you need a lawyer with sound experience of the Commission who can help you achieve a strong outcome from the Commissions Review . 

In The News
Arrests In North Wales Enquiry

We have now seen the first visable arrests in the North Wales Care Home Enquiries but it may be assumed that the action taken is just the tip of the iceberg with more arrests certain to follow 


30th July 2013 

Stuart Hall Sentence Doubled 

Stuart Hall has now had his sentence doubled following a reference by the Attorney General . This however may not be the end of his problems with rumours of further allegations yet to be made . This will be bad news for Mr Hall if true with the inevitable deployment of a bad character evidence now to compound his difficulties . 


30th July 2013 

Fighting To Save Criminal Legal Aid 

The Campaign to save legal aid continues at a pace and the Lord Chancellor is due to issue a further consultation in September . The current proposals will see serious consequences for those falsely accused with a drastic reduction in experienced solicitors , removal of client choice and a further erosion of funding in the Crown Court for higher earners . 


30th July 2013 


     I'll never forget what you did for me and my family 



— Graham from Hull 

       I was given no hope of defending further false allegations after having been convicted . You proved that any false allegation can be exposed .



— WD from Burnley 

     You can only have achieved such a remarkable result by great dedication 



—MB Lincolnshire 

     Where my defence team failed you showed how the impossible can be achieved .



— Arthur from Swindon

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